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New Golden Beach - Paros, Greece, 84400 - Tel: +30 22840-43281, Fax: +30 22840-43236, Mob: +30 6980 629 999 E-mail:


Paros is one of the largest and one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades complex, situated about halfway between Athens and Santorini. The distance from the Greek mainland and the port of Piraeus is 3 hours (with a high-speed ferry) or 4 hours (regular ferry) while it is a 30minute flight from Athens International Airport. The capital of the island is Parikia while cosmopolitan and picturesque Naoussa is certainly worth visiting.
Whether you are looking for a quiet family holiday enjoying the Aegean sea and the traditional Greek atmosphere, or cosmopolitan holidays with day and nights parties, Paros is the place to be.

Parikia or Chora, as it is else called, is located almost at the center of Paros. The enchanting town keeps its traditional identity and provides visitors all comforts of a modern city. Whitewashed houses and pavements, flower pots with multi-colored flowers in the balconies, commercial stores, churches and the ruins of the Castle in the middle of the old town, compose a picture that charms everyone that visits Paros for the first time. Visit the Ekatontapiliani church, the archaelogical museum, the old graveyard and the hill of Venice Castle.

Naoussa that used to be a fish village is located in the north part of the island. It is built around a beautiful, safe, little port. As you stroll in the narrow picturesque paths and see the architecture of houses and churches, you experience the exceptional beauty of Cyclades. Around the port there are old fish storehouses that now have turned into bars, taverns and restaurants. The heart of the town beats there every night.